Custom Homes

Our more than 30 years experience in the Southern California custom home market gives us the knowledge to address the complexity of designing and manufacturing trusses for custom homes.  We have built open web trusses for 1,200 square foot

mountain cabins to 27,000 square foot estate homes and everything in between. 


Our unique “Just in Time” manufacturing and delivery systems allow us to accommodate the last minute changes or adjustments that are common with building complex custom homes.  


Tract Housing


From the value engineering meeting to the straight edging of the ceiling we understand what is expected from the professional home builder.

Do you need truss calculations fast?  Our team approach to truss design allows us to meet your deadline.  A production schedule of 6 houses a day?  No problem.   Our production capacity can meet your needs while never compromising quality.  Should your lift on the job have to take the time to unload the truss truck?  Not with us.  We will put the load right where you want it with our roll off trailers.   Want to make a field modification?  Our field crews are trained and equipped to work safely and have the experience to get the job done quick and correct. 


Multi-Family Residential


Whether it’s a straightforward apartment building a complex timeshare project or a meandering assisted living facility we have the expertise to make your project a success.

Because we don’t batch build projects we can work with the framing contractor to fine tune the project after the first buildings are up without any delays to the production schedule.




Working out the details and coordination with other trades is what it takes to get a building up seamlessly.  We take the time up front to design around the mechanical and sprinkler systems, confirm the roof hatch location and package the trusses correctly for the crane or lift that will set them.

If it’s a 75’ clear span, a mansard roof with an equipment well or an open web floor system we’ll sweat the details before a truss is built.


Where We Ship Trusses in Southern California


We are a premier California truss manufacturer located in Thermal which is in the southeastern portion of the Coachella Valley. We ship trusses regularly throughout Southern California including Riverside, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Imperial and Los Angeles counties. We are also a City of Los Angeles Certified Fabricator (License 2971).

Spates Fabricators
85-435 Middleton Street
Thermal, CA 92274
(760) 397-4122